Timpris app
Fler och fler har gjort avtal med timpris på el. Senaste prisarna kan vara lite svåra […]
The King doesn’t like video games. But every now and then there is a good one […]
The Bobine
This great invention from a company called Bobine is on my wishlist now. It both acts […]
Been playing with iOS 6 (and OSX 1.8.2) for a few hours now and there are […]
September 28th is the day the new iPhone arrives to Sweden. The presentation today was as […]
iphone 5
Now with 44 hours until the iPhone 5 introduction, the King is getting excited. Weeks ago […]
Now when there are less then 2 months wait for the new iPhone, (my bet is […]
Dan Chung is a photographer for the Guardian. He has his own photoblog and posts his […]