Meet Tudor, Rolex’s little brother

Meet Tudor, Rolex's little brother
Just bought this Tudor watch on eBay. I feels like solid steel on your arm and I think it will be timeless (can you say that about a watch?). For you who don’t know, Tudor, is a side product of Rolex company and has been for some 50 years. It has the same case as the ...

The beach today

The beach today
We managed to find a empty square meter on the beach this week! It was great. How long everyone has been waiting for this yellow thing to shine. The beach in Malmö is great!

Hello Malmö

I am guy in the thirties. Moved to Malmö about 4 years ago and I like the city. I like the growth and energy and seeing the transformation of they whole. After the 4 years it is starting to feel like some kind of home and the roots are getting thicker. Like some other guys ...