Keflavik airport Iceland
Big parts of Iceland look quite like the moon. And these final four minutes on the […]
Timpris app
Fler och fler har gjort avtal med timpris på el. Senaste prisarna kan vara lite svåra […]
Taycan in Malmö
These electric vehicles these days are amazing. After spending all my money on some stupid turbines […]
ATC humor
Allegedly, while taxiing at London’s Gatwick Airport, the crew of a US Air flight departing for […]
At first it sounded somewhat strange to hear about a Swedish Cognac in a dinnerparty recently, […]
These photos were released before the weekend of a concept convertible from Mercedes Maybach. The good […]
Iceland is trendy these days. We did a roadtrip around the island and had an amazing […]
I’m raised up eating barbeque during the summer time. Since leaving my parents home I have […]