Taycan in Malmö

These electric vehicles these days are amazing. After spending all my money on some stupid turbines and super thick exhausts in the 90’s, these cars just show up and go much faster, even in the beginners version.

During a 30 minute test drive you cannot get to know everything you like about the car, but you see what is the most important. Acceleration, handling and endless buttons and gadgets. I focused on the first two during the short time we spent together.

Taycan 4s in Sweden
Porsche Taycan 4S

Acceleration is fantastic. I really don’t know the numbers of the Taycan 4S but this was something under 3 seconds from 0 to 100 kph. It is just mindblowing. Yea, I know some Teslas are faster and the advanced versions (Taycan Turbo and TurboS) are much faster but this is still fantastic.

The Sport Plus mode, which is the fastest setting, even has this sound generator. It makes you feel you are inside a mixture of a classic 911 with a flat six and a spaceship. Quite weird but it is even weirder how the brain expects to hear some sounds when acceleration takes place.

The handling was not tested to the max this lovely spring day in Malmö. Far from it. The car seems to have quite low confidence in handling. The ugly wheels and the high tyres are probably designed to impress some other market segment than I am located in. Of course it turned well and the steering was sharp but there was no time to put it to the limits.

Taycan steering wheel
The Steering wheel is not small. You need a big steering wheel for the 57 buttons on it (didn’t actually count the buttons, but there were many of them).

The same goes for the gadgets. No time to dive deep into them but all those screens ( or was a single huge screen across the whole dashboard?) had seemingly all the options you could imagine.

Taycan 4s instrument cluster
The dashboard had everything in the correct places. The navigation looked sweet.

The only downside was the doorknobs. It is a clumsy copy of Tesla’s fold in version which they probably have a nice little copyright on. So Porsche did try their best to make something without violation the copyright but it failed the test. Even my pimped up Turbo from the 90’s had a nicer doorknobs – or actually it had no doorknobs – the door were opened with a remote control. That is the only thing left of my effort back in the day that no-one has beaten.



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