Ford S-Max Malmö Test Drive 621

S-Max in Malmö

The King was asked the other day to test drive the Ford S-Max. Being a family man, the family car was a golden opportunity to see if everyone could fit in and be comfortable. The short story is that the car is very good.

Getting a 7-seater was always a little scary because I have always been afraid of looking like a bus driver in those cars. But the S-Max is streamlined and overall nice looking. I like the whole family details that Ford has in the current generation of models and the S-Max is basically fine from every angle.

The version we tested had 18 inch wheels, business package, navigation system and tray tables in the second row.  The business package has nothing to do with doing business, it is just convenient, tax-wise, if you are leasing or buying it as a company. The car had a 163hp six speed automatic, keyless entry, bluetooth handsfree phone, leather seats, panorama roof etc, so you could say it was quite well equipped.

Driving the car was fun. It is surprisingly light and nimble. The steering is accurate and the chassis is stiff (in a good way) so driving the car in the city or across the country is both comfortable and smooth. All the controls were well positioned and the navigation system was good. The voice activation system was not perfect and it was simply easier to skip it.

The biggest plus with the car is the design of the seating arrangement. You sit up high and get a good overview out of the windows. There is plenty of space in the first and second row plus the third row is good for 12-14 years old. The ability to move the seats in the middle row independently is a great feature that improves the usage of the car my a mile. Folding them creates enormous space if you need to move a lot of stuff.

The conclusion is that the car is great.


  • Enourmous space
  • Feels and moves like a small car
  • Nice engine and gearbox


  • Heater and a/c not powerful enough
  • Road noise
Ford S-Max Malmö Test Drive 622

The color is called Parkside, here shown in the last hours of daylight in Malmö

Ford S-Max Malmö Test Drive 623

S-Max in front of Malmöhus museum

Ford S-Max Malmö Test Drive 624

The nice looking instrument panel. Lot of controls in the steering wheel

Ford S-Max Malmö Test Drive 625

S-Max navigation system in clear and quick. Still strange when you are downtown Malmö and try to select a city and start with “Mal…” it suggests a town 2400 km away that has 342 inhabitants.




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