Photos of the month – december

Here are a few photos that I shot and then some I found online over the last few days.

Cool Bike

Meanwhile in Norway


The bridge one afternoon this fall

A mansion in Skåne

Cool tent

Is it a tattoo?

Can some drivers break the law?

Found in a pet-shop in Malmö.

The yellow tie

I wanna go there

Malmö brewery’s beer. To bad it is not that good ;(

This looks amazing. Damn.



Only in America

Cool design

Pingis door

Battery driven stir-cup. Why not?

There are a lot of beautiful buildings in Malmö that can easily go unnoticed.

The most interesting part of Emporia

One of the most popular places in Malmö in the fall. Those get stolen like candy.

Look closely. At least 1000 birds.

The morning sun in Malmö

One overhead

On Öresund