Top 10 things Malmö needs to do before Eurovision


Ribban seen from Turning Torso

Malmö is not very advanced in offering international tourists what tourists expect of in city this size. In the next few years there can can a big change towards the better. We are gonna see The conferance hotel (opening 2014), better shopping oportunities, Västra hamnen becoming world famous, cruising ships stopping by regularly (starting next summer) and what will kick everything off: Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö 18th of May 2013.

So Malmö needs to get a grip and fix a few things BEFORE Eurovision. Millions of people are going to see and hear about Malmö for the first time that evening in May. First impressions don’t come back and we better be prepared if we want to get international commerce and tourism to the next level (or the level above that).

It will all start with Eurovision in May 18th. Here is the to-do list mr. mayor.

  1. Clean up the beach. It’s easy, buy a truck that cleans all stones that are bigger than the nail on your little finger. That will pay off 100 times.
  2. Fix the buses. It not acceptable to offer tourists (or the locals) buses that open and closes the door while driving, don’t change gears, don’t have the signs working etc..
    You also need to educate people what a jojo card is. No one outside of Skåne knows what it is and it is very difficult to find any info in English or other languages.
  3. Set up roadsigns in English. At least the tourist signs. Not many people are going to visit the museum if the sign says “museer”. Not everyone reads or speaks Swedish.
  4. Ban Converse shoes, foreigners would think these horrible shoes are a part of the school uniform. Dress up ladies!
  5. Market the area with what is being well done already such as golf ( team up Bokskogen, Barseback och Sturup park golfclubs! Aim high)
  6. Offer guided tours of the city. And tell us where to join.
  7. Get the current offerings more visible. The cayak rental, segway tours, Ferrari hire, chocolate factory are not visible enough.
  8. Update! The official tiurist site of the city needs a little more activity than one update a month on the english site. Daily updates please!
    Then look up those who offer services and things for the tourists and write about them. Don’t wait for them to come to you (and vice versa)
  9. Accept Euros. Be open minded, accept danish kronor or Euros. It is not evil money, it is just service to the customer.
  10. Paint white parking lines. Tourists usually don’t carry a tape measure with them. So if they get a ticket for 700 kr for parking 9.24 meters from the corner they will tell everyone they know that Malmö sucks. Then no one will come. Instead paint a white line 10 meters from the corner and everyone is happy. Please.