Fusion iMac

It is high time for the King to update the iMac after 4 years of loyal service. Today Apple announced a new version that is more powerful and a lot thinner than previous versions. But the most striking feature is the new fusion drive that I really like to try. In short it is two hard drives, one of them is the good old hard drive and the other one is a SSD. This is not a new combo but the new part is that the operating system will automatically distribute the tasks between the two instead of the user seeing two separate drives. Apple brands this technology as Fusion drive and my guess is that it will be popular amongst nerds.

The new iMac

The new iMac is thin. Will it be fast?

Apple didn’t only introduce that but the iPad mini as well. That thing is gonna be another huge seller. You will see it in every other classroom and dashboard (GPS killer) in a few months.