Milan visited

The King had some quality time in Milan over the weekend. Nothing much, just walking the streets and eating nice food. But it is always interesting to see new cultures. The biggest difference betweeen Malmö and Milan is the fashion. In Milan there were probably 30% of all women in high heels during the day and no-one in Converse shoes. In Malmö it is probably 2% and 90% respectively. The guys were also different, more dressed up during the day and it was very cool to see the elderly gentlemen in suits and with a hat on the bus.

More text captioned below the photos…

The Alps

The view on the way down there was amazing. The Alps.

The B4 hotel

Our hotel had a nice little shop next to it

off track

The concierge gave us instructions to walk to the train station. The instructions got lost in translation and we walked a little off track.

Sightseeing in Milan

Sightseeing in Milan, the cheap way. We never paid in the busses or trams, we didn’t know how to and the drivers didn’t speak Swedish

Milan cathedral.

Architecture in Milan. Forgot to take a photo in the Louis Vuitton store which was there on the ground floor – hundreds of crazy Chinese people buying bags and stuff like it was H&M prices.

Armani godis

Armani godis. This is the difference between Malmö and Milan in a nutshell. Armani vs. Hemmakväll

Armani godis. This is the difference between Malmö and Milan in a nutshell. Armani vs. Hemmakväll


These magazine stands are all over the city and give a nice look to the city

the store

Finally I found “The Store”


The Mozzarella bar was surprisingly awesome. Fresh mozzarella stored in bathtubs on the bar and beer with a strange etikette. Great!



Pizza scissor

Pizza scissors, the next hit on the nighttime TV

This nice lounge chair was priced at 14.000 Euros and the store owner screamed at the King when he saw the camera… so the picture is little shaken. He also screamed when I wanted to feel the leather.

Vespa with roses

Fashion night out in Milan, they dressed up an Vespa in roses.

Pizza king

This Calzone was priceless. So much experience and love put into the food. You could taste the generations of Italian food making (maybe too corny text??)

Mama burger lived up to the expectations

Mama burger lived up to the expectations

Fresh coconuts in the streets

Fresh coconuts in the streets

Ferrari store

The King felt welcome here


Cool Ferrari headphones in the Ferrari store


pricetag 5300 Euros. Must be a little special one


Chocolate (water)fall while window shopping

Breakfast lounge at the B4

Breakfast lounge at the B4. Nice hotel in the middle of nowhere

Duty free vending machine

Duty free vending machine. Why not?