Is the new Panamera a Kombi?

The Swedes call them “Kombi”. Maybe the Panamera Sport Tourismo can be defined as a Kombi but that is not really important. The important thing is that Porsche is introducing a new Panamera these days. It is thankfully a lot prettier than the current version and even has some cool features as cameras instead of rearview mirrors, a smartphone app that really does some things and a computer screen cockpit.

The first model will have a 3 liter V6 coupled with an electric motor. Combined they will deliver 416 horses which means 0-100 in less than six seconds. As for the plug-in hybrid system, the car can be reach 80 mph in its electric mode and will travel a little over 18 miles on battery power alone.


It is a tech wonder


The rear has the family face

Panamera speedometer

The speedometer, review mirror etc is all big TFT screen


Look closely, the brake calibers only come in neon-green.