44 hours

Now with 44 hours until the iPhone 5 introduction, the King is getting excited. Weeks ago the calendar was cleared for the event and babysitter booked. Everyone knows that a new phone will be introduced but here are my guesses about the details (that some apple fans really think about)

  • The name of the new phone will be iPhone, not iPhone 5. (the same name system as with all other apple products will be used, there are dozen iMacs out there and none has a number)
  • The phone will be taller than the iPhone 4
  • It will come with all-new designed headphones
  • There will be no 8GB model
  • It will supoort 4G (in some countries)
  • It will have mini-usb as connector for charging and syncing
  • The camera will be much better
  • iOS 6 will be available for download on wednesday
  • The new iPhone will be available in Sweden on october 12th
  • The iPad mini will be introduced, 7,1 inches
  • A new iPod touch will be introduced

This means that I will pick up my new phone in 31 days. Woohooo.

iphone 5

Is this the new iPhone??