Three wheeled bikes are coming strong

A few years ago I couldn’t image seeing three-wheelers again. They were banned in the US because they were dangerous as off-roaders. Lately they have been coming back in the street legal version. Some of these machines are pretty cool and some are quite ugly. The Harely Davidsson Tri Glide is ugly. Nothing to add to that. But the ones that have two wheels in the front and one in the back have some potential. Like this Can-Am Spyder on the picture. Looks speedy and powerful. Can-Am is no small company, it is a brand own by Bombardier which make Sea-Doo, Ski-doos and business jets.

Is it one too many?

The Spyder has a 990cc V-twin which delivers 106 horsepower. The handling is said to be great but it is not like the two-wheeled motorrcycles where your lean your body to steer, you have to actually turn the steering wheel. Another strange feature for those who are used to motorcycles is that there is only one brake, under your right foot. It evenly applies pressure on all wheels.

Anyway, it seems well built and I can well imagine owning one!