Hello Malmö

I am guy in the thirties. Moved to Malmö about 4 years ago and I like the city. I like the growth and energy and seeing the transformation of they whole. After the 4 years it is starting to feel like some kind of home and the roots are getting thicker.

Like some other guys I like stuff. I like gadgets, travel, food and engines.

Like with the city and its growth I like the evolution, when things get better. No matter if it is a car that gets faster, the mobile phone getting thinner or my gadgets using more and more wind power. I try to follow the evoluiton ‘live’ on the web and I guess someone would call me a newsaholic.

Now is the time and here is the place where I’m going to share with you the most interesting ones, served with my spice on top. Maybe I will make news one day.